As a prospective homeowner, you’re most excited about adding your own ideas to the mix for your new dream home!

From the material for the bathroom sinks to the type of grass in your front lawn, everything should be according to how you want it. But truth be told, you’re not really sure how you should bring your thoughts onto paper?

Should you just call up a residential architect or designer, talk to them about your concepts? Or is there something else involved in turning your home dream into a reality?

We have some information to help you get started!

Steps to Turning Your Home Design Concept into a Reality– Search for a ‘Basic’ Vision

Look through basic architectural digests to get an idea of what style appeals to you most. With any style you love, ask yourself this, “will it still suit my taste 10 years from now?” With home designs, you have to choose a style that matches your taste, but can also stand the test of time. Remember, styles evolve. So, a unique art deco home might seem perfect now, but it might not be as appealing a few years later when contemporary style is all the rage.

– Draw Up a Budget

How much will your dream house cost to build? If it’s your first time building a house, hiring a certified financial planner will be useful in helping you plan a budget. Even before finalizing on the smaller details of the house, you’ll want to be sure that you can afford it. Factor in the mortgage and sales tax on any building materials before starting your design process; you won’t want any surprises later on.

– Sketch Out a Floor Plan

Add in basic areas like bedrooms, master bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. Living rooms are typically in the center of your home, but you can choose to set it in a corner if that suits your needs. Fill in other plots for the laundry room, dining room, kitchen, etc. Consider your preferences and essential needs, whether you need a home office, or a workout zone.

Consult a Professional

Show them your rough sketch on how you want your home to be. Listen closely for their input on any design loopholes. Learn how to maintain structural integrity while keeping your choices for your home intact. Having a professional designer or architect’s opinion during the planning phase will save you tremendously when you go to build.

Or…Add Changes to aPre-designed Home Plan

With predesigned home plans, what you get is a ready-made design you can make changes to!

Rather than going through the whole process of designing and researching, stock home plans offer a time-saving solution, and can be less a less expensive option if you find a plan that fits what you’re looking for already.

If this is something you’d like, then contact Great House Design!

A leading residential design firm in the U.S., Great House Design offers beautiful home plans in a range of architectural styles. For further information, reach out to us at (877) 238-7056 and let us guide you on how you can create your dream home!

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