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Have you been saving up for your dream home? It’s time to turn that dream into a reality! With our house plan design and drafting services, you too can transform your property into the home you’ve always wanted.

At Great House Design, we offer a range of pre-designed home plans for anyone considering new construction. Committed to providing nothing but the best for our clients, our team is constantly rethinking and re-strategizing home design and styles to offer some of the most beautiful and practical home building plans. We work tirelessly to create multiple designs for our clients to choose from so that they can build a home that best suits their needs and preferences.

In addition to our pre-designed home plans, we also offer our custom design services.

If you find a plan that’s close to what you have in mind but not quite the exact same thing, you can always modify it! We’ll help you customize your plans to include all the features you want.

Interested in one of our pre-designed plans or have questions about our custom design services? Give us a call at 877-238-7056!

Found A Plan That Is Close But Not Perfect?

We can modify most plans that you find in our marketplace and even can design you a custom home.

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