Looking for a change of scenery? Are you fed up with staring at the same four, off-white walls all day and in need of a new look for the new year? Have you been bingeing Netflix series for what feels like an eternity? 

If you answered ‘yes’ to those questions, you’re in luck. We’ve created 8 interior colour palettes, each inspired by the most popular TV series — old and new. So, whether you’ve well and truly caught the Bridgerton bug, or you’re currently re-re-re watching Friends, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to finally merge your Netflix obsession with your home design resolutions.


Blue is undoubtedly the dominant colour in the acclaimed Bridgerton series. Costume and set designs use pale and rich blues, particularly in the Bridgerton family cast and household. 

The family’s London house is filled with blue — blue drapes, blue walls, blue carpets, even blue flowers. Daphne’s Hastings ball gown inspires the first colour in our palette, and the Bridgerton brothers (Anthony and Colin in particular) are often shown wearing rich, velvet blue tuxedos and jackets which we’ve used as inspiration for our ‘Bridgerton Boy’s Blue’. 

We’ve also included a blush pink, symbolic of the character’s (and viewer’s) flushed cheeks (those who unassumedly watched Episode 6 with their mum’s will likely feel an affinity with this one). Our Bridgerton palette comes complete with a rich black, taken from Simon’s velvet black tux (seriously, can we stroke it?) and a nod to the iconic Lady Danbury — because, quite frankly, we love her. Danbury is seen in an array of purple outfits, but we’ve gone for a mauve variant to compliment Daphne’s baby blue. 


Friends’ opening sequence  may have never quite so accurately hit the nail on the head than it has over the past year; no one told any of us life was going to be this way. 

Alas, here we are, and with many of us struggling to find new ways of taking our mind off the bigger picture, no one could be blamed for wanting to indulge in a little 90’s nostalgia right now. 

Our Friends-themed colour palette combines the show’s own interior colour schemes with some more humorous choices (let’s face it, we could all do with a laugh). Highlights include a colour inspired by the mince beef Rachel mistakenly adds to her ‘traditional’ English trifle in The One Where Ross got High, as well as the ‘wineglass blue’ inspired by Monica’s iconic cobalt wine glasses. We’ve also included a colour picked from Central Perk cafe’s mustard yellow sofa (it wouldn’t really be a Friends colour palette without it!) and the shade used on Monica’s apartment walls. 

Peaky Blinders

Birmingham forms the back-drop for this popular, slow-burning series, and with a variety of neutral grey shades. From cobblestone streets, to abandoned mills, the post-war Midlands’ city is industrial to say the least. Our palette reflects this, though you’ll notice a few hints of colour from ‘our Polly’s iconic wine-red lipstick (though, knowing Pol it could just be wine), and Tommy’s piercing blue-grey eyes (courtesy of Irish heartthrob, Cillian Murphy). 

Emily in Paris

The controversial Emily in Paris is all about decadence, indulgence and elegance. Oh and, fashion of course. 

We’ve tried to denote that with our palette, inspired by some of the many cliched French motifs that grace our screens during the first season of Emily in Paris. And let’s not forget about Emily’s hot pink trench coat because…we couldn’t not mention that. 

Breaking Bad 

Colours are central to much of the plot and character-development that goes on in Breaking Bad. They are used to denote character progressions (like Walt’s move from beige, to yellow, to pink, to black, which many argue shows his character’s progression from the banal, to the adventurous, the deluded and then the toxic), and are also important parts of the show’s storytelling toolkit — think of the super-pure ‘blue sky’ Meth Walt and Jessie strive to cook, or the recurring bright pink teddy bear from Walter’s childhood. Colours are even found in the names of the lead characters — Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.  

Our palette combines the show’s key recurring colours, seen in the costumes and the setting itself, and also aims to give a sense of the story’s narrative.

The Handmaid’s Tale 

Our The Handmaid’s Tale-themed design palette is inspired entirely by the colours worn by different characters in the series.

In Atwood’s post-societal Republic of Gilead, the colours of a person’s dress denote the role they play within society — Robin’s-egg blue for the wives, brown for the Aunts and, of course, dark red for the Handmaids. 

We’ve opted for simplisticity with this palette, with each colour picked from each of these dresses. 

The Great British Bake Off

The popular British TV show, colloquially known as Bake Off, is beautifully accented with pastel pink, blue and turquoise tones — it’s a serious aesthetic, let’s put it that way. 

Our palette uses three base colours used to decorate interior of the famous The Great British Bake Off tent. These colours are used throughout each series, and help to give the show the calm, wholesome feeling fans love it for. We’ve also added a nod to the one and only Mary Berry and her iconic pink cardigan (Mary loves a pink number and we are here for that) as well as Paul Hollywood’s hair (is he or isn’t he a ‘silver fox’?). 

And, of course, we couldn’t not include a few colours in our palette that weren’t directly influenced by the star of the show; bakes. After much deliberation, we’ve gone for the classic scone. And, yes, we have put the cream on before the jam. 

Rick and Morty

Popular cartoon Rick and Morty has recently released its latest series, which was much-anticipated by fans around the world. Along with the lead character-inspired classics — Rick Blue, Morty Yellow and Summer’s Hair — we’ve also included a nod to some of the show’s more niche references (because you’ve always wondered how they make Plumbuses so pink). 

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