The Craftsman style was influenced by the artisan appreciation renaissance of the British Arts and Crafts movement, a backlash against the mass production of the Industrial Revolution. This style flourished in the United States through the early part of the 20th century, with small, economical Craftsman house design plans remaining popular well into the 1930s. Original homes in this style are often lovingly restored by appreciative owners, and at Great House Designs, we carry an extensive inventory of Craftsman home design plans with photos to serve those who fall in love with this classic style.

Craftsman homes are often built on foundations that rise above ground level, ensuring there are steps up to the hallmark front porch. Other typical architectural details include:

  • Low-pitched gabled or hipped roof
  • One to one-and-a-half stories
  • Wide, multi-window dormers
  • Deep roof overhangs with Arts and Crafts detailing like exposed beams, rafter tails, or braces
  • Wide, deep front porch, with a roof supported by thick, heavy, tapered columns (sometimes doubled)
  • Columns end in piers that continue to ground level, often made of stone or brick
  • Exterior doors feature glass panes at the top, matching the double-hung windows with multiple panes at the top and a single pane on the bottom
  • Open floor plans feature Arts and Crafts details and columns, with wood, stone, or tile floors

Our Craftsman home plans, many with photos, offer traditional and more modern takes on the style, in sizes ranging from a sub-1,000 square foot bungalow to a luxurious 6,300 square foot version. If you find a Craftsman home design and plans that need a few tweaks to make them perfect, or if you want a custom home design, contact us today. We will help you on your journey to building your dream home.

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