Square footage calculations are made from outside of the exterior frame wall and measures livable, heated, and finished space. It does not include decks, porches, screen porches, patios, verandas, garages, unfinished basements, attics, future space and bonus rooms.

Two-story and vaulted areas are only included once in the calculations of the first floor. Stairs are counted once. If a house plan calls out finished square footage in the basement, it will be calculated as a part of the total living square footage. Generally, brick is not included in our square footage calculations.

Square footage is calculated using the actual construction drawings. You will not be able to calculate the square footage from using the room sizes from floor plans on our website because hallways, closets and other small spaces are not included. If you need to clarify the square footage of a particular house planplease contact us.

Category: Predesigned House Plans