In terms of home architecture and design, sustainability is perhaps one of the best things to come along since the open- concept plan.

Focused on making a home design more conducive to the use of renewable energy, sustainable living and design were once considered a passing trend. However, over the past decade, with the world’s focus on global warming and environmental concerns, sustainability is a need more than ever.

But what is it about sustainable living that makes it an appealing concept for architecture? Great House Design is here to give our two cents on the matter!

What Makes Sustainability Unique?

First, let’s clear the misconception: sustainable living and green living are not the same. 

Whereas green living reflects the complete eco-friendly movement in general, the idea of sustainability takes the notion of being eco-friendly to a greater level. Keep in mind; some green concepts aren’t really environment-friendly at all. But sustainability allows you to incorporate sustainable practices into all factors of your home. Take construction methods as an example, three usable, sustainable, practical types of construction include log homes, 2×6, and ICF.

So, when you opt for a sustainable home, you not only invest in real estate that’s environmentally-friendly, you save money in the long run as well.

Making Your Home Sustainable—How It’s Done– Using Solar Energy

Probably the best investment you could make, using solar panels to keep the house up and running not only cuts down on your energy bills substantially, but it adds value to your home as well. Keep in mind, the average energy bill in the United States is $111.67, which is over $1,340 annually. By investing in solar panels for your home, you get more in return and then some in the future, which can make the upfront cost worthwhile. 

Another option is to incorporate passive solar design into your custom home. This method uses high windows along with thermal mass walls and floors to capture the heat from a sunny day and disperse it throughout your house, all throughout the year.

– Using Sustainable Materials

At Great House Design, we try our best to incorporate eco-friendly and sustainable materials wherever possible. You can create a more sustainable home by using added materials wherever it’s possible to swap them.

Composite wood and bamboo are well-liked choices. But recently, we’ve seen recycled materials such as brick, metal, and even stone become popular as well.

– Using Water-Saving Features

Low-flow showers, low-flush toilets, greywater systems—there are plenty of ways through which you can incorporate water-efficient features in your home. As green home designers, we recommend the use of several systems to reduce the usage of water and the load on the home’s sewer system. This will help keep the water bill low and utilize the drained water by diverting it to aid the other functions for your home.

Want a Sustainable Design for Your Home?

Great House Design can help you there!

As a leading architectural house design firm, Great House Design offers custom home design services, as well as pre-designed plans that can be adjusted and amended to suit your home needs. Get in touch with us today, and learn the best ways of making your home more eco-friendly!

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