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Plan 062H-0029

House Plan Photo Collection

Are you having a hard time envisioning what your dream home will actually look like? Our Photo Collection displays house plans that have already been built! Here you will find beautiful exterior and interior photos of...
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Plan 026H-0114

A-Frame House Plans

Are you dreaming of a home that has a dramatic look and feel? The a-frame style house plan might be your perfect fit. Made popular in the 60s and 70s, this design set the stage for homeowners that were looking for contemporary homes...
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Plan 062B-0005

Barn/Outbuilding Plans

Barn and outbuilding architectural design has exploded in popularity. The rustic charm is perfect for nearly any home that wants a beautiful addition. Whether you are looking to design a free-standing structure that is intended for...
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Plan 052H-0117

Beach/Coastal House Design Plans

Have you always dreamed of owning a beach home? Get ready to enjoy the sun and surf! Our beach and costal home design plans are created to give you peace of mind. With these home plans, you’ll be able to fully...
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Plan 001H-0136

Bungalow House Plans

Bungalow house design plans are an extremely popular plan because of their spacious porches and large living areas that are perfect for young families or individuals that are looking for a wide, open place to call...
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Plan 012H-0266

Cabin/Cottage House Plans

Cabin and cottage home plans are extremely similar in function, stature, and layout. These house plans are smaller and are most often used for vacation and recreational use. However, they are also used for weekend homes, and for aging...
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Plan 047H-0043

Cape Cod House Plans

Being iconic for its functionality and traditional architecture, the Cape Cod style of home has been sought after by home owners for centuries. This style of construction originated in New England in the 17th Century then tremendously...
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Plan 006G-0007

Carport Plans

If you are looking for an economic way to house your vehicles without building onto your existing home, one of our carport plans is the perfect solution for you. Carports are sturdy structures that offer shelter without the...
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Plan 062H-0064

Colonial House Plans

If you prefer an uncomplicated yet sophisticated lifestyle, a Colonial house plan is an excellent choice for you. Originating with America's first 13 colonies, this style of home was constructed for a minimal style of...
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Plan 051H-0223

Contemporary House Plans

Being the architecture of the modern day, Contemporary style homes are growing rapidly in popularity. Making a strong breakthrough in the 1950's, contemporary design often exhibits open spaces. Today, homeowners look for living spaces...
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Plan 019H-0183

Country House Plans

Does the simplicity of country living appeal to you? Our country homes are customized to suit the ease and informalities of living in a rural location. Open concept living spaces and sprawled out floor plans are designed specifically...
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Plan 051H-0240

Craftsman House Plans

The Craftsman style was influenced by the artisan appreciation renaissance of the British Arts and Crafts movement, a backlash against the mass production of the Industrial Revolution. This style flourished in the United States...
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Plan 061H-0155

Empty-Nester House Plans

An Empty Nester home celebrates your entry into a new phase of life: The kids are grown and gone and now it’s time to explore great house plans that allow you to create a sanctuary, relax, and pamper yourself with fine amenities...
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Plan 044H-0053

European House Plans

The European home style takes the best of classic Old Country design and adds all the comforts of the modern world to create a custom home design that commands attention. This style encompasses designs with touches from across Europe,...
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Plan 012G-0126

Garage Apartment Plans

If you love your house design plans but need a little more space, consider our collection of Carriage House or Garage Apartment plans. A garage apartment design provides parking and storage for additional cars, RVs, boats, and more...
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Plan 050G-0036

Garage Plans

Do you need more garage space than your house design plans provide? Perhaps you want to tear out your existing carport and build a garage in its place. Whatever your reason for needing a garage, you’ll find a collection of great...
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Plan 012L-0032

Log House Plans

Log homes celebrate the great outdoors while displaying spectacular architecture. From simple to intricate in design, our log homes will provide you with the peaceful and tranquil lifestyle you are seeking. In a vast range of sizes,...
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Plan 021H-0197

Luxury House Plans

Are you seeking a home that meets your lavish lifestyle? All of our luxury home plans are over 3000 sq. ft. and are sure charm you with their special architectural details. Showcasing gorgeous elements such as built-in cabinetry and...
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Plan 037H-0212

Mediterranean House Plans

If you are searching for a getaway inspired by the architecture of countries in the Mediterranean, look no further. Our Mediterranean house plans captivate the easily recognizable style of Spain, Italy, Portugal and other countries in...
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Plan 012H-0134

Mountain House Plans

A mountain house plan is the perfect dwelling for a retreat away from city bustle. If you want your home to be a sanctuary where you can enjoy the great outdoors, these house...
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Plan 012M-0008

Multi-Family House Plans

Multi-family homes are escalating in popularity as their value is becoming increasingly more realized. Often functioning as an investment property or rental units, the reward of renting to other families is appealing more and more to...
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Plan 050H-0109

Narrow Lot House Plans

Are you wanting to build your dream home but a little tight on space? Our narrow lot plans are the perfect solution! Varying in style and design, these home plans may look very different, but none are greater than 40'...
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Plan 007H-0131

Premier Luxury House Plans

Are you envisioning an extravagant home where the design is defined by the details? Our premier luxury homes include special touches that will make your dream home a reality. Being slightly more refined than our...
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Plan 001H-0044

Ranch House Plans

Becoming prominent after World War II, Ranch style homes were built when there was no longer a need to conserve land, as it was more accessible to homeowners. With a sprawling, horizontal layout our ranch home plans provide an...
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Plan 050H-0097

Small/Affordable House Plans

Our small and affordable house plans are ideal for homeowners wanting to create their dream space while building on a budget. If you are looking for an economical solution to building your home and want to make the most of your square...
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Plan 021H-0177

Southern House Plans

Are you dreaming of a sanctuary that embraces the easy living of the south? Our southern house plans are specially crafted to accommodate warm weather living in tranquility. Typically designed in plantation style, southern homes have...
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Plan 069H-0018

Sunbelt House Plans

Derived from Spanish and Mediterranean influence, Sunbelt house plans are easily identifiable. Built with functionality in mind, Sunbelt house plans are especially popular in southern regions. Beautiful tile or clay roofs and durable...
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Plan 047H-0008

Traditional House Plans

Our traditional house plans are defined by American historical influences. This style of architecture, which is continuously evolving, has been extremely popular by homeowners for centuries. Traditional design is...
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Plan 067H-0045

Two-Story House Plans

Multiple story homes are a great way to make the most of your land square footage . Available in various different styles, these home plans are perfect for a variety of different lifestyles. Whether you have a growing family or would...
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Plan 052H-0088

Vacation House Plans

If you are searching for your home away from home, you will find it here. Our vacation homes are designed to help you escape your busy everyday life while spending time in the comfort of your own home. Small to spacious, rustic to...
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Plan 054H-0130

Victorian House Plans

With a style that originated in the mid to late 19th century, Victorian home plans, to this day, still exude elegance with their truly unique structures. Showcasing whimsy through design and often color palette, these homes plans...
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Plan 012H-0212

Waterfront House Plans

Are you dreaming of a home that is as stunning as your waterfront property? With our selection of waterfront homes you will be able to enjoy the peaceful serenity of lakeside living. Beautiful large picture windows and natural...
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Plan 012C-0003

Miscellaneous Buildings

Our miscellaneous plan collection displays a variety of different structures. Here you will find commercial buildings and plans created with a specific purpose in mind.

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