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Are you dreaming of a home that has a dramatic look and feel? The a-frame style house plan might be your perfect fit. Made popular in the 60s and 70s, this design set the stage for homeowners that were looking for contemporary homes that made an impact. These homes are often made with stone and cedar to give it the look of blending in with nature. Named for the steep rooflines, the a-frame design is perfect for snow areas and offers beautiful looks into nature. The house plans for this particular design usually have:

  • Open interior
  • High ceilings
  • Lofts
  • Bedrooms
  • Storage space at the top of the house
  • Large outdoor decks
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows

This type of home is perfect for individuals and families that are looking to create a spectacular vacation home that has stunning views, or a home that offers lots of natural sunlight, and is the perfect blend of modern, contemporary, and rustic

Barn & Outbuilding Plans

Barn and outbuilding architectural design has exploded in popularity. The rustic charm is perfect for nearly any home that wants a beautiful addition. Whether you are looking to design a free-standing structure that is intended for many different uses, or you want an outbuilding that has the capacity to store many different items, we’ve got the right house plan for you!

Whether you need plan designs for:

  • Pole barns
  • Barns
  • Sheds
  • Stables
  • Machine storage sheds

We can help you design the right plan that will get the most use out of it.

Beach & Coastal

Have you always dreamed of owning a beach home? Get ready to enjoy the sun and surf! Our beach and coastal home design plans are created to give you peace of mind. With these home plans, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the ocean that surrounds you with beautiful views and open floor plans.


Bungalow house design plans are an extremely popular single level plan because of their spacious porches and large living areas that are perfect for young families or individuals that are looking for a wide, open place to call home. Considered to be a “relative” of the Prairie and Craftsman styles, the bungalow house plan is one that refers to widely used home design nationwide—the fact that is one of the most popular home plans is a testament to the fact that it really does work!

Known as an affordable house plan, this plan is perfect for a couple’s first house, or for a family that is looking to get a great house design that won’t break the bank. This plan usually comes with its signature porch that helps bridge the house and the yard. Because of this feature, it is a popular choice for homeowners that are looking to build their home in the suburbs.


These house plans are smaller and are most often used for vacation and recreational use. However, they are also used for weekend homes, and for aging relatives because of their smaller layout.

Cape Cod

Being iconic for its functionality and traditional architecture, the Cape Cod style of home has been sought after by home owners for centuries. This style of construction originated in New England in the 17th Century then tremendously increased in popularity in America beginning in the 1930’s. Always displaying a dramatic, gabled roof along with a traditionally designed layout, these homes were created with functionality in mind, and built to withstand severe climate conditions. Today, Cape Cod style homes stay true to the historic symmetrical design.

A Cape Code house plan might include:

  • Rectangular layout
  • Typically 1-1 ½ stories high
  • Built without a front porch
  • Minimalistic approach to design of home
  • Without excessive ornamentation
  • Multi-pane, double hung windows, often with shutters


If you prefer an uncomplicated yet sophisticated lifestyle, a Colonial house plan is an excellent choice for you. Originating with America's first 13 colonies, this style of home was constructed for a minimal style of living. Displaying traditional characteristics, these homes originally were designed to be family friendly with space for entertaining and separate spaces for relaxation. Architectural details are simple and timeless.

A Colonial house plan might include:

  • 2-3 story layout
  • Multi-pane double hung windows with shutters
  • Symmetrical design
  • Side-gabled and hipped roofs
  • Often a central focus point, such as a grand stairwell or fireplace


Being the architecture of the modern day, Contemporary style homes are growing rapidly in popularity. Making a strong breakthrough in the 1950's, contemporary design often exhibits open spaces. Today, homeowners look for living spaces they are able to define and customize to their specific needs. With prominent clean lines and geometric shapes, this style of home also offers many alternatives for building materials that are not demonstrated in other styles of homes. Natural building materials are used which are often durable and highly sustainable. Contemporary structures are impactful and aesthetically pleasing without excessive ornamentation and embellishment. The result of this minimalist approach leaves the homeowner with a spectacular home that feels inspired by the natural outdoors.


Does the simplicity of country living appeal to you? Our country homes are customized to suit the ease and informalities of living in a rural location. Open concept living spaces and sprawled out floor plans are designed specifically to celebrate relaxation and time with family. The unique characteristics of country homes vary from structure to structure, but in all of our house plans you will find casual and cozy architectural details such as:

  • Front porches, often wrap around porches
  • Large picture windows to display your beautiful scenery
  • Gabled roof
  • One to two stories high
  • Often constructed of rustic materials
  • Use of wood siding, posts and trim for natural embellishment
  • Fireplace that is typically a warm and inviting central focal point


The Craftsman style was influenced by the artisan appreciation renaissance of the British Arts and Crafts movement, a backlash against the mass production of the Industrial Revolution. This style flourished in the United States through the early part of the 20th century, with small, economical Craftsman house design plans remaining popular well into the 1930s. Original homes in this style are often lovingly restored by appreciative owners, and at Great House Designs, we carry an extensive inventory of Craftsman home design plans with photos to serve those who fall in love with this classic style.

Craftsman homes are often built on foundations that rise above ground level, ensuring there are steps up to the hallmark front porch. Other typical architectural details include:

  • Low-pitched gabled or hipped roof
  • One to one-and-a-half stories
  • Wide, multi-window dormers
  • Deep roof overhangs with Arts and Crafts detailing like exposed beams, rafter tails, or braces
  • Wide, deep front porch, with a roof supported by thick, heavy, tapered columns (sometimes doubled)
  • Columns end in piers that continue to ground level, often made of stone or brick
  • Exterior doors feature glass panes at the top, matching the double-hung windows with multiple panes at the top and a single pane on the bottom
  • Open floor plans feature Arts and Crafts details and columns, with wood, stone, or tile floors

Our Craftsman home plans, many with photos, offer traditional and more modern takes on the style, in sizes ranging from a sub-1,000 square foot bungalow to a luxurious 6,300 square foot version. If you find a Craftsman home design and plans that need a few tweaks to make them perfect, or if you want a custom home design, contact us today. We will help you on your journey to building your drea


The European home style takes the best of classic Old Country design and adds all the comforts of the modern world to create a custom home design that commands attention. This style encompasses designs with touches from across Europe, from timber and stucco Tudor to decorative French Country. When you browse our European home design plans with photos, you’ll find a vast selection of home sizes and shapes that share certain characteristics:

  • Dramatic, steeply pitched roofs, either hipped or gabled, often with metal accents
  • Varied rooflines, often with multiple gables or dormers, sometimes with turrets or towers
  • Mixed exterior materials such as stone, stucco and brick
  • Ornamental exterior timbering or stone and brickwork such as keystones over doors and windows or corner quoins
  • Decorative woodwork under eaves and on porches, window cornices and boxes
  • Tall, typically casement, windows featuring single or diamond panes, often arched
  • Interiors may feature columns, exposed beams, and stone or wood floors

At Great House Design, our European house design plans range from cottage styles just over 1,000 square feet and suitable for narrow lots to sprawling estate homes over 10,000 square feet. Whether you’re looking for Italianate home design plans with photos that include decorative eave brackets and a columned, covered porch, or you’re leaning toward a Spanish hacienda-type custom home design with tile roofs, arches, and balconies, you’ll find a lot of great house plans to choose from here. And remember, if the house design and plans you love need a few adjustments to be exactly what you want, we can do custom drawings for you.


Do you need more garage space than your house design plans provide? Perhaps you want to tear out your existing carport and build a garage in its place. Whatever your reason for needing a garage, you’ll find a collection of great garage plans here at Great House Design to fit your needs and match the style of your home.

We offer garage designs to enhance your custom home design, with space for a single car or four. From a tiny space ideal for housing the family bicycle fleet to drive-thru designs that make parking an RV or boat easy, you’ll find options here to suit your house design and plans. These garages can stand alone or be attached to your home through a breezeway. Many designs offer a variety of storage options, from closets to enclosed sheds to full attic storage. Among our two-story garage designs, you’ll find options for an upper craft or exercise room, or use that extra space to create a home theater.

Match your house plans with photos of our garage options and find the right style, from Craftsman to column-fronted Colonial, with exteriors of siding, brick, stucco, and more. Choose modern, industrial designs with square or rectangle shapes and flat roofs, or a garage with gables and dormers. Use our garage plans for outbuildings on a farm or ranch. Some of our barn-style garage plans offer tack rooms. Many designs offer a full shop area, allowing you plenty of room to work on a project car without exiling your other vehicles to the driveway. Whatever great house plans you’re working with, if you need extra garage space, you’ll find the right plans in our inventory, or we will draw one to meet your needs.

Garage Apartment

If you love your house design plans but need a little more space, consider our collection of Garage House or Garage Apartment plans. A garage apartment design provides parking and storage for additional cars, RVs, boats, and more while also adding living space: an extra bedroom, a simple guest suite with a bedroom and sitting area, an art studio or office space for a home business, or an apartment you can rent out. Some of these designs can also function as a full house design and plans ideal for a smaller parcel of land, with a garage on the bottom floor and two stories above with three or four bedrooms and plenty of living space.

Our great carriage house plans are all detached garages. Some have living space on the same floor as the garage, while others are designed with the living space above. These house design plans allow you to provide a home for a relative, give your child more privacy when they reach college age, or supplement your income as a rental unit. These garage apartment designs are available in a variety of styles to match your home, including contemporary, farmhouse, European, and more.

At Great House Design, we offer garage apartment house plans, many with photos, that provide space for two to four cars, plus RV storage and shop areas. Some feature an office and attic storage, while others offer enough bedrooms and living space to make great house plans for a vacation cabin. These house design plans also work well to house live-in help, such as a nanny. Explore our inventory of garage apartment plans and contact us for custom home design if you don’t find exactly what you want.

Log Homes

Log homes celebrate the great outdoors while displaying spectacular architecture. From simple to intricate in design, our log homes will provide you with the peaceful and tranquil lifestyle you are seeking. In a vast range of sizes, the log homes we offer can serve as a small getaway in the woods or as a year round rustic residence where your family will enjoy living for years to come. This very distinctive style of home is structurally identical to a log cabin and is most sought-after where sufficient building materials are readily available. Log homeowners love the distinguishing characteristics that are true to this type of home. Some of these unique qualities include:

  • Spacious living areas to gather
  • Large windows to showcase your outdoor view
  • Rustic architectural details
  • Natural building materials
  • Warm and cozy fireplaces
  • Decks or patios that create outdoor living spaces


Are you seeking a home that meets your lavish lifestyle? All of our luxury home plans are over 3000 sq. ft. and are sure charm you with their special architectural details. Showcasing gorgeous elements such as built-in cabinetry and grand vaulted ceilings, these house plans are extraordinary in design.


If you are searching for a getaway inspired by the architecture of countries in the Mediterranean, look no further. Our Mediterranean house plans captivate the easily recognizable style of Spain, Italy, Portugal and other countries in that region. Typically displaying stucco or plaster exteriors with large picture windows, these warm weather-inspired structures make excellent vacation homes but are also suitable for stylish everyday living. Some characteristics of a Mediterranean style home are:

  • Shady overhangs and a sloped roof
  • Exposed beams
  • Usually 1-2 levels
  • Verandas or lanais for outdoor gathering and entertaining


A mountain house plan is the perfect dwelling for a retreat away from city bustle. If you want your home to be a sanctuary where you can enjoy the great outdoors, these house plans will be a perfect fit for you. With large windows displaying a stunning mountain view, you will feel surrounded by nature. For outdoor gatherings with family and friends, many of these plans include large deck areas or wrap around porches. Rustic architecture and open concept layouts create a cozy and tranquil atmosphere. Can’t find what you are looking for here? Take a look at our Log House Plans!


Multifamily homes are escalating in popularity as their value is becoming increasingly more realized. Often functioning as an investment property or rental units, the reward of renting to other families is appealing more and more to homeowners. These home plans are designed to accompany the lifestyle of multiple families while giving each family the feeling of living independently. Multi-family homes come in various shapes and sizes. Ranging from duplexes to townhouses, the styles of these structures differ as greatly as their size.

Narrow Lot

Are you wanting to build your dream home but a little tight on space? Our narrow lot plans are the perfect solution! Varying in style and design, these home plans may look very different, but none are greater than 40' wide. You are sure to find a house plan that fits within your building restraints.


Becoming prominent after World War II, Ranch style homes were built when there was no longer a need to conserve land, as it was more accessible to homeowners. With a sprawling, horizontal layout our ranch home plans provide an efficient use of land. Open concept living spaces encourage time with family and friends. These gathering spaces are often located in a separate wing from private spaces, such as bedrooms. The separation of rooms brings an element of simplicity to the design of ranch style homes. Typically built with a single story, some of these house plans may a include basement or an upper level bonus room. Originally designed to be mid-century modern in style, Ranch homes now very greatly in design and architectural style.

Small & Affordable

Our small and affordable house plans are ideal for homeowners wanting to create their dream space while building on a budget. If you are looking for an economical solution to building your home and want to make the most of your square footage, this collection will lead you in the right direction. With space-saving characteristics and simple amenities these homes are beautifully designed and created with innovation in mind. Take a look at our other smaller homes in our Narrow Lot house plan collection.


Are you dreaming of a sanctuary that embraces the easy living of the south? Our southern house plans are specially crafted to accommodate warm weather living in tranquility. Typically designed in plantation style, southern homes have traditional architectural features and often radiate grandeur. Made with a symmetrical aesthetic, covered wrap-around porches create functional and spacious outdoor areas where you will enjoy warm southern days with friends and family. Exposed columns, high ceilings and shallow roof pitches are some of the special details that are in keeping with the southern architecture style.


Our traditional house plans are defined by American historical influences. This style of architecture, which is continuously evolving, has been extremely popular by homeowners for centuries. Traditional design is focused on functionality but decoration and ornamentation are also very prominent. Attention to details and symmetry are defining qualities of traditional architecture. These house plans have a classic simplicity to them that are sure to win you over with their old fashioned charm. Some other distinct components of these home plans are:

  • Formally labeled spaces
  • Central fireplaces
  • Sun rooms
  • Porches, often covered
  • Large kitchens for entertaining


Multiple story homes are a great way to make the most of your land square footage . Available in various different styles, these home plans are perfect for a variety of different lifestyles. Whether you have a growing family or would just enjoy some extra space, these house plans will be just what you are looking for.


If you are searching for your home away from home, you will find it here. Our vacation homes are designed to help you escape your busy everyday life while spending time in the comfort of your own home. Small to spacious, rustic to traditional, you will find a home plan that fits your design aesthetic and achieves everything you've ever wanted in a dream vacation home.


With a style that originated in the mid to late 19th century, Victorian home plans, to this day, still exude elegance with their truly unique structures. Showcasing whimsy through design and often color palette, these homes plans originally were crafted to express new-found freedom brought on by the industrial revolution. The vibrant exterior colors and elaborate ornamentation are some of the unusual characteristics of our Victorian home plans that will make your house feel like something out of a fantasy. Other details you will find in a Victorian home plan are:

  • Custom designed windows
  • Use of shingles
  • Octagonal shaped room
  • Dramatic and complex roof lines
  • Gingerbread ornamentation
  • Multiple stories


Are you dreaming of a home that is as stunning as your waterfront property? With our selection of waterfront homes you will be able to enjoy the peaceful serenity of lakeside living. Beautiful large picture windows and natural building materials will let you feel connected to nature in your very own home. You will find a variety of plans from rustic cabin style to contemporary getaways that are all built to enhance your lifestyle on the water. For a greater selection of home designs, consider our Vacation house plan collection.