If you’re a seasoned artist (or even a novice), you know you can’t simply take care of lighting for your studio by adding a few fixtures to the walls, putting in a few lamps and calling it a day!

Lighting plays a big role in helping artists create a beautiful painting vs. a mediocre one. Here’s how:

Understanding the Ratio of Light

For those who don’t understand this dynamic, here are some details that might help!

The color-rendering index is the ability of any light source to reveal the color of an object. The sun possesses 100 CRI. Ergo, if you need any source of light for a piece of art that requires the use of color, you need something that has a higher CRI i.e. a CRI between 80 and 100, for the best hues and vibrant colors to shine through.

You also need to understand the correlated color temperature, which is measured in Kelvin. This measurement is often written on light bulbs so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the right color. If you like cooler light, you need a bulb, which is rated at a CCT of 7500 K. If you like something that resembles the light of the midday sun, bulbs rated 5500 K would suit.

As for brightness or luminosity, the gist of it is that you need as many fixtures as you need so you can have ample illumination.


If you want to start from scratch and have the resources to fund a design that’s made to suit your needs, we recommend that you go with an additional room; something that helps your artistic eye. Something like a house plan for a garage apartment!

Adding New Space

Being dedicated to the arts, you know this is an investment. By adding a new floor, you not only create extra space, you design it the way you need it to look. This gives you the advantage of having the ideal workspace.

And if you work with a professional team that offers custom house design plans, you can have this plan completed and constructed within due time and without going over your financial limit.

So, If You’re Interested

Get in touch with Great House Design. We can help you build the ideal workspace for your artistic endeavors!

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