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Insulating Concrete Forms

We are frequently asked if we help build Insulated Concrete Homes using ICF, and the answer is a resounding YES!  Since 1999, we have helped dozens of Owner-builder Clients build ICF homes. You might say we have become experts. 

What are the advantages of an ICF home?

  • Stronger
  • Quieter
  • Healthier
  • Cleaner
  • More Energy Efficient
  • Stable and Even Temperature Environment 
  • More Comfortable

All these advantages are testimonials from folks who live in ICF homes.Why then, aren’t more ICF homes built?  Primarily two reasons….

  • Awareness.  Like many good things, awareness belongs to those who do the research.  Few builders who build homes for resale will build and market an ICF home because it may be considered “non-standard”, or because they don’t have the experience or knowledge.  ICF tends to be for the custom market.
  • Cost.  With all else being equal in a given house, an ICF shell will cost more.  How much more depends on the size and shape of the house along with a few other factors.  Those who live in an ICF home say the additional cost is well worth it.

Often, people are curious what an ICF home looks like.  The answer is, just like any other home except the walls are thicker, 12 – 14 inches thick!
We wanted to show all the ICF homes we have helped build, but there are just too many for one newsletter, so we will feature some of the best of them here.  For each house, we include one photo of the ICF at some stage, and one photo of the finished home.Enjoy

!Paul & BJ Hamre, OwnersUBuildIt Spokane

ICF Exteior Walls
Daylight Rancher Home
ICF Walls & Hewn Log Posts
Prairie Rancher
Daylight side of ICF Rancher
Main Floor side Finished Home  
ICF Wall Pour
Lakeside Castle
ICF Cliff-Side Shell
Cliff-Side Tower
Filling ICF with Concrete
Finished Rancher in the Woods
ICF Walls Ready for Trusses
Commanding View of the Palouse
ICF Walls for the House
Timberframe Deck for Outdoor Living
ICF Walls are Perfect
Exterior Insulated Finish System (EIFS)
ICF Walls Create
ICF Top to Bottom for
Lakefront Estate
Trusses Cap ICF Walls
with a
Unique Angled Entry
ICF Surrounds
Lakeside Winter Retreat
ICF and Clever Framing
create a
Waterfront Gem
ICF Walls and Roof Framing
create a
Magnificent Portico
Cecelia and Kent Zwick – Our First to Build with ICF
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