Want to get started on building your new home but don’t how to begin?

First things first, have you thought about the design? The basis of every good house is a strong design that serves as the foundation. Each measurement and design feature is crucial in creating the perfect house–one that fits your family’s needs, as well as your lifestyle.

Let’s take a look at the process of designing a house and how you can get started right away.

Conduct preliminary research

Start by examining your current home and lifestyle and think of all the design features you want to add or remove from your current home to make living in it more comfortable.

This will allow you to develop a design brief and outline a preliminary budget.

Perform a site analysis

This part of the design process is just as crucial as designing the actual house. Familiarize yourself with the location, terrain, and surroundings of the site, as you might need to make modifications to your house’s design based on these external factors.

Some things you should focus on include solar access, views, slope, soil type, accessibility and transport, overshadowing landforms such as trees or buildings nearby, and the availability of services such as power, gas, and water.

Pick a designer

Let’s face it, you might have a vision of what your dream house should look like, but bringing it to life is a job for a professional home designer.

A designer possesses the experience and qualifications required to deliver the type and style of home you envision for yourself. They coordinate with you and your builders to deliver a design that’s consistent with your budget and site analysis, as well as your design preferences.

Proceed to design development

This stage helps the designer chart out a preliminary layout for your dream house. Everything from room arrangements, window size and placements to indoor-to-outdoor flow and even furniture layouts are discussed and finalized in this stage by the designer.

A tentative cost of construction is also decided upon in this stage. This will help you reduce or increase the size of the house and reallocate the budget if need be.

Finalizing the design

The final design includes decisions on floor plans, the form of the building, external finishes, the placement of major appliances, and all construction details your contractors will need to build.

The designer uses your input to outline the perfect design for your dream house so you can begin its construction.

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