A small slice of heaven to call your own, your darling apartment’s design encompasses elements of everything you know and love—aesthetic, comfort and a whole lot of family reminders. Yet, even with all this perfection, you feel like it could still use something. The proverbial cherry on top!

Thanks to your love for nature, you know that bringing the outdoors inside is the answer to creating the ideal space, but how?

As a leading architectural design firm in the U.S., Great House Design has some ideas on creating a balanced indoor-outdoor living space, taking ideas from our own custom home design plans that we’ve perfected over the years!

Define an Area

Let’s say, you have a small balcony. Define the space around it by creating an overhead structure so it becomes a ‘room’ rather than just an outdoor space. Open the space around the balcony so the entrance to the area isn’t too crammed. It’ll be separate from the rest of the house, but it’ll also be a part of the house that’s more incorporated with the elements of nature you want around.

Take Inspiration from Your Home’s Interior Design

Does your apartment have that classic NY brick wall theme going on? Does it remind you of the Mediterranean rustic structures and dusty color palette? Consider your home’s natural style before incorporating any such structures or materials to make your apartment more balanced.

Unify the Elements

Can’t add to your apartment space? You don’t necessarily need to break the wall to bring the outdoors in. Even incorporating basic elements like plants, bamboo furniture, and hardwood flooring can make a world of difference. Especially useful if you want to stay within your budget as well, you can easily adjust the palette of your home and create a more beautiful setting.

Go Green

Open up those windows to bring in more light, add a small herb garden to save money, create a hanging garden and exercise that green thumb—there’s so much you can do to add some outdoor touches to your indoors. All you have to do is maintain a balance in décor.

Be Creative!

Great House Design has worked with a large number of clients over the years, many of whom have been very creative in maintaining an outdoor-indoor space by following the ideas above.

And let us know if you’ve used your own ingenuity to create a balanced indoor-outdoor space. We’d love to hear some of your ideas!

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