A popular modern interior design concept is the open floor plan. It refers to having a large space that makes up two or more traditional-use spaces. Open floor homes are generally spacious and inclusive; it can be used in smaller as well as larger homes.

The elimination of walls between certain areas allows space to seem larger than it really is. This trend has been dominant since the 90s, when new residential construction trends took over to meet modern demand.

While they are great at maximizing livable space, it can often be a challenge to decorate spaces designed with open floor plans. Some homeowners go with over the top pieces to fill the space and others tend to take on a minimalist approach.

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you decorate your open floor home:

Change in lighting

Use subtle ways to include variety within your open floor plan. Lighting is one such way to go about it. Accentuate your open space with cool lighting features. Some areas can have recessed or ceiling lighting, while the dining area and kitchen can have lower lighting that draws attention to a centerpiece, for example, the dining table.

Rugs help define a space

Rugs are cost-efficient and non-invasive ways of changing up the look of a space. Rugs come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and texture; you’ll surely find one that speaks to you! They can help you add character to space, which is what you need with an open floor plan.

Use a variety of rugs in each area, preferably of contrasting colors. One example would be to use a large fluffy rug in the living area and a sleek rug under the dining table.

Consistent color scheme

If you’re looking to keep a common theme between each area in your open space plan, the color palette you choose is essential. You can, by all means, choose different colors for each area, but that may deflect from the open floor plan.

Choose a limited color palette for your home to create a sense of calm. Neutral colors are safe and work best for large areas. They allow you to play around with furniture and accessories.

Create a natural flow within the space

It’s all about the furniture and spaces you create within your open floor home. As you enter the home, a common living area with a television, a kitchen on the side, and a dining area at the end is the perfect example of a natural floor within the space. Think about it this way, if you’re entertaining guests, they can hang out with you in the kitchen with drinks, or on your couch, later they can move to the dining area for a meal.

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