When it comes to building your new dream home, it’s not just aesthetic and functionality for the present time that you have to take into account!

Keeping in mind that real estate is a long-term investment, you’ll want to make sure this investment pays you back what you put in it, and then some, in the years ahead. That’s where flexible layouts come in handy.

The Basics of Flexible Layouts

In essence, a flexible layout is a floor plan of a house that’s designed so changes to the plan can be made easily in the future.

Specific details in the house are designed so they can be adjusted, added and taken out. Some areas of the house are only given one use but can be renovated so they can be separated into two working spaces.

For example, large open windows of the backyard that can be taken out to make space for an indoor-outdoor patio, or bathrooms with large bathing areas that can be adjusted and remodeled to make room for a seating area for older adults in the shower.

Converting a Traditional Layout into a Flexible Layout

Typically, when it comes to converting the traditional layout, the way we work with our clients is by providing them with the information they need on convertible spaces.

A smart layout allows rooms to be transformed into something completely different from their initial purpose. The key is to make sure that new space will be just as functional while not interfering with the original flow of the home. It’s important to keep in mind any rooms you think may need to be remodeled for future use, during the design process.

Added Design

One way to adjust your layout is by utilizing the garage’s additional square footage. With detached garages, for example, we allow enough space and structure strength so that the upper floor can be converted into an art studio or an office area.

Some homeowners use this approach to create cabanas or private spaces for themselves. This gives them a private area of their own, and adds value to the house as well.

Need Our Help?

A leading residential design firm in the U.S., Great House Design can help you come up with a flexible custom house plans for your future dream home.

Get in touch with us, and allow us to make a home that’ll serve your family for generations to come!

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