What if you’ve found the perfect piece of property, the only challenge being: it’s long as opposed to wide. There are plenty of solutions to make a longer homework for you and your lifestyle.

Long, narrow homes can adopt the same design principles as tiny homes to make the perfect layout that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

How Tiny Homes Utilize SpaceChoose the Right Plan

The key to building the perfect home for a long lot is in the plan! Tiny homes eliminate any factor that takes up unnecessary space.

Even replacing traditional doors with pocket doors helps free up nooks and crannies. Also, with longer homes, you have the benefit of using light to make the interior look free and open.

By bringing in natural light from the outdoors, you’ll feel like the outdoors are an extension of the indoors.

– Utilize Taller Walls for Higher Ceilings

Taller walls make for higher ceilings, this allows for high windows and taller doors to add to the sense of openness in a home. Creating a small loft can take advantage of the ceiling height while providing added storage space at the same time.

With the additional ceiling height, it’s easier to create the balance of your narrow space. The use of low-sitting furniture and minimal room separation also adds to the feeling of openness throughout.

– Use Sustainable Materials

This is a recommendation for all homes, not just small or long ones. Using sustainable materials not only cuts down on expenses, but it also helps you improve the design of the house.

Let’s say you want to incorporate floor-to-ceiling windows around the house.

A great and inexpensive option like fiberglass or argon windows provides better glazing, so you not only save money; you also gain something that’s recyclable and a lot more durable.

– Use Fold-Down Options

You’ll find plenty of features that can help save space. Fold-down furniture is very common now and is available in a huge range of styles and a number of materials.

Talk to your designer or architect about incorporating fold-down features within the structure of your home if it’s possible. Often times, they will have smart ideas on how to create multi-functional spaces that work best for you and your lifestyle.


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