Home design trends have evolved over the past few decades; every day, new homeowners strive to bring about contemporary modifications to their houses to keep them in line with their vision and personal aesthetic.

And as 2020 kicks off, residential architects and home designers are getting ready to face the challenge of providing people with the features they’ll want in their homes in the next year.

Experts in the housing industry have highlighted some house layout and design trends that have been on the rise, and will prominently feature in the upcoming year.

Let’s take a look at what some of these design trends are.

Embracing the dark side for home exteriors

Gone are the days when white picket fences and red doors were the most sought-after exterior designs in the suburbs. As more millennials move out to the suburbs, home design experts have witnessed a shift in the color palette for home exteriors.

Charcoal and black shades, combined with primary accent colors such as beige and white for a dramatic effect, are some of the most popular exterior designs these days.

As such, designers now seek to create multi-purpose open-spaces to avert the overpowering presence of dramatic colors.

Welcoming the outdoors

Outdoor kitchen and dining areas have become increasingly popular over the past few years. This was brought about by hectic work schedules that made homeowners want to return to a calming space when back home.

But embracing the outdoors doesn’t stop at creating dining spaces outside the house. Zen gardens and meditation areas are also becoming popular—not to mention the heightened demand for installing hot tubs in backyards.

Redefining open space designs

New homeowners no longer want a space in which a TV is blaring across the entire house. Open space designs now adhere to a minimal architectural touch, where smart modifications are made to the floor plan to incorporate a sense of ‘openness’ in the living space.

This is accomplished by including low-level walls and changes in the heights of ceilings. The kitchen is also clearly separated from dining and family spaces in the house so the two spaces no longer blend into one.

Indulging in a straight-line aesthetic

Modern house design layouts now seek to include geometric designs in the house. This means that straight lines will dominate the scene—especially in the main living room.

Rather than arches and rounded columns, rectilinear or quadrilateral openings are being prioritized by new homeowners.

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